How does it work ?

Create a unique and exclusive piece of art


No need for any physical distancing concerns !
Post your photos on Instagram,  Twitter, FaceBook or send your photos via email, or text message and have your Live Virtual Photo Mosaic unfold online !

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Photo Mosaic Wall

How does all of this work ?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is capable of fetching live event photos from a variety of sources that can be used simultaneously.

Pick a fun hashtag for the event and advertise it around the venue. Guests can then take a selfie, tag it, ‘tweet’ it and have it automatically fetched by the Photo Mosaic Wall.


You can use your company’s Instagram account to take photos of the activity, tag these photos with a unique hashtag and have them fetched automatically by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

Have your guests take photos using their own phones and other mobile devices throughout your event.
Let them capture all of their memorable moments !

photo mosaic wall


#hashtag the photo 

Guests post their memorable photos to their own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and add
your event’s unique hashtag in the comment
sharing your events special moments with friends and fans.

photo mosaic wall

Print & Stick

Photo stickers are automatically printed and hand-placed in the matching mosaic cells.
The mosaic image unveils itself, one photo at a time, guests will be motivated to take more
photos and contribute to the work of art.

photo mosaic wallphoto mosaic wall


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